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                                                                  Turtlebeach connection Guide and information

    We have received many questions about headset connection and setup so we thought we would but some basic info together here for all to use we will try
    and add more info and links when we can. Let us know if you need some specific info on a type of headset or connection and we will do our best to Help.

    The below listed charts are to show basic Gaming system connection which will work for most Turtlebeach Headsets not just the PX21. We have also shown
    where to use RCA jacks as a Sub for the original splitter type cable. The the RCA Jack is a good and effective substitute for the splitter BUT note it is not a
    splitter so using this setup is for a Headset only option, not split or audio on both TV and headset. The RCA Jack would go where the Red ( X ) is it does not
    replace the cable but does function as a way to connect your audio without the splitter cable. Again note this will only provide Audio to the headset not to the
    TV if you want both Audio to  the Headset and TV at the same time that would require the splitter type cable.
  This is the setup for the PS3

   This is the setup for the XBOX 360

                                                         Here are some links to the Official Turtle beach site and user manuals: